Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for Trainee Teachers who have a genuine interest in young people and who want to help them develop and reach their potential.

Applicants who can demonstrate recent and meaningful experience working with young people, will have a much better idea about what makes an effective teacher and a less effective one. This doesn't need to be paid work but any kind of helping activity, classroom observation or learning support helps to reinforce your application and discussion at interview.

Candidates should be enthusiastic about their subject, have effective communication skills, and an ability to understand, speak and write clearly in Standard English.

You should be able to work as a team, but also work independently. You should be creative, open to new ideas, be able to share best practice and also able to review personal progress.

Above all we are looking for ambitious and motivated trainee teachers who have a real desire to work with young people of all abilities.

We fully acknowledge that this is an application for acceptance on a training year and do not by any means expect applicants to be teachers already!

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