Our Mission

To provide education and care of high quality in happy, inspiring environments,

in which all children are valued and encouraged to succeed.

We achieve this by working in close partnership, across our schools, and at all levels, in order to develop and share best practice.

Our Community



Our children are provided with an engaging, evolving, vibrant education of real quality in inspiring environments. Children’s well-being is our highest priority; they are cared for, safe, listened to, and constantly guided towards being the best that they can be, both academically and as young citizens.

They are considerate, respectful, enthusiastic and resilient. They are proud of themselves and of each other.



We are all equally valued and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and with dignity. We are listened to and supported. We understand our role and are dedicated towards achieving our vision, “Great Schools – Happy Children". We constantly seek to improve and are offered high quality training to help us develop us in our roles and improve our skills. We take advantage of this. We value our partnerships, working both within and across our schools.



We represent our local community. We challenge and support our school leaders in order to ensure the achievement of the school’s vision and the intended outcomes for our children. We have a thorough knowledge of our school’s performance and its curriculum. Our schools are safe, welcoming and supportive environments for our children and staff.

We celebrate diversity across our communities and have built a culture of inclusion and equality.



We are the guardians of our Vision. We have a thorough knowledge of our schools and use this knowledge to work with trust leaders to establish strategic direction. We successfully support our school communities and hold our leaders to account, providing challenge, offering support and maintaining great awareness of the well-being of our people.

We bring a variety of skills, well matched to the needs and expectations of the role. We work with, and greatly value, the work of our Local Governing Bodies.