Our Mission

To provide education and care of high quality in happy, inspiring environments, in which all children and adults are valued and encouraged to succeed.

We achieve this by working in close partnership, across our schools, and at all levels, in order to develop and share best practice.

We recognise that whilst we do many things together, each school has its own ethos and identity. This is greatly valued by all.


Incorporating our core values, each school in the Trust works with its stakeholders to identify a shared vision.

This vision is described through our four pillars of 'Standards & Achievement', 'Care', 'Provision' and 'Partnership and Community'.

Our Values

The following are the principles that guide our approach:

We are committed to ensuring that every child is included and cared for.

We believe cooperation and partnerships are fundamental to improvement.

We take pride in celebrating children's achievements.

We respect ourselves and each other.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do.