Children’s Outcomes

We are committed to ensuring that our children have every opportunity to achieve the following outcomes:


Attitudes, Attributes and Values

As young people

Our children are open-minded, considerate, respectful, confident and happy.

As learners

Our children are curious, enthusiastic, reflective, resilient and ambitious.

As citizens

Our children understand their place in both local and global communities. They are beginning to understand how they can contribute to society and help others.

As individuals

Our children are able to make informed choices to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Knowledge and skills

As learners

Our children are literate and numerate, allowing them to succeed in their future education, work and life.

Our children achieve the highest possible standards across the curriculum.

Our children are equipped with a wide range of curriculum skills.

Our Curriculum

We engage and challenge all learners through an inspiring, relevant and ever-evolving curriculum. Through a rich and varied range of opportunities, we empower children to become resilient, reflective learners, equipped with the knowledge, skills and motivation to enable them to become the best they can be as young people and adults.